HIV/AIDS policy

NGO Fontana looks to integrate treatment and prevention of HIV infections leading to AIDS in its line of work. It targets high risk groups in Vietnam such as IDUs in particular, given the concentrated nature of the epidemic. NGO Fontana is committed to the use of sound, evidence- & human rights-based practices so as to best have a impact through its work. In addition, the work carried out by NGO Fontana should reflect the basic principle of “helping people help themselves” in a non-judgemental way, and not affiliated to any religious or political ideals.

NGO Fontana strongly believes that comprehensive attitude and behaviour change are crucial to prevent HIV transmission and actively works in conjunction with national strategies to prevent HIV/AIDS. For this reason, the main target is high risk groups, as the aim is of addressing their alcohol/drug addiction. By providing them with education on the dangers of needle sharing, the benefits of condom use as well as counselling and health seeking treatment NGO Fontana empowers them to better understand and prevent transmission so as to protect themselves, and those close to them. The target group extends past the immediate beneficiaries by helping those immediately affected by addiction and HIV, such as family members and close friends.

In addition, NGO Fontana looks to implement comprehensive approaches to address HIV/AIDS prevention including: awareness raising, advocacy, stigma reduction, widespread promotion of evidence based practices and full community involvement in its projects. These activities are also carried out by our partner organisations relevant to the specific projects.

Not only is NGO Fontana working closely with national strategies, but it also strives to work alongside Danish and international policies. For this reason, NGO Fontana supports the strategy set by UNAIDS to prevent all new HIV infections by people who inject drugs by 2015.

NGO Fontana understands the importance of working closely with all actors and stakeholders, and for this reason has good working relationships with local government agencies, CSOs and NGOs.

NGO Fontana does not discriminate its beneficiaries or professional staff against age, race, religion, HIV status, gender, disability, national ancestry, sexual orientation or economic condition.

NGO Fontana takes its responsibilities seriously and operates with objectivity and integrity in order to provide the highest level of standards.

HIV positive employee will be governed by the same contractual obligations as other employees, and HIV/AIDS education and awareness training will be made available to all employees. Furthermore, pre and post counselling will be provided to those wishing to be tested. Appropriate advice and guidance will be given to colleagues should someone wish to disclose their status.

Testing for HIV is optional and does not form part of the recruitment policy. Persons with HIV/AIDS will be treated the same way as any person with a life threatening illness and will not be subject to any victimisation or discrimination. NGO Fontana is committed to fair, sound and non-discriminatory practices, and persons affected by HIV/AIDS have the same rights and obligations as all staff and beneficiaries.

The diagnosis of HIV status is confidential and should a person wish to disclose their status appropriate counselling services will be offered.