Environment and Climate Policy

NGO Fontana is committed to environmental matters and minimising the negative impact on the environment by its activities.

NGO Fontana’s strives to achieve by doing the following:

  • Complying with Danish and EU environmental legislation.
  • Minimising waste by evaluating its operations and activities to ensure the most effective use of resources.
  • Minimising consumption by reducing use of materials and recycling of waste
  • Maximising use of sustainable resources.
  • Actively promoting environmentally friendly habits so as to encourage staff to recycle, and encourage efficient use of energy.
  • Encouraging similar attitudes in our Southern partners and continually improve & monitor environmental performance.
  • Providing training where needed to staff in order to ensure their understanding of the organisations’ policy, raise awareness on environmental issues and enlist their support on ways to improve the organisations environmental activities. 

The board is accountable to ensure that these activities are being implemented.