Children’s policy

NGO Fontana is committed to ensuring that children’s rights are implemented, and takes steps to see these reflected in its projects, where applicable. Certifying the education, health, rights and livelihoods of children suffering from addiction, whether directly or indirectly, is at the core of NGO Fontana’s values.

We are committed to ensuring that our programmes are evidence-based, adapt to changing environments and contexts and provide the opportunity for children to have a say and be a part of projects affecting them.

NGO Fontana aims to:

  • Provide support, training, information and resources to persons and organisations supporting children who have suffered from ill treatment relating to addiction
  • Raise public awareness of the continuing impact addiction has on childhood and ways to stop it.

The Board will be responsible for the implementation of this policy, and provide training and technical support to ensure staff members understand and implement the policy successfully.