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The following photo collections document some our of our projects and events. Click a photo to view the event or project collection....

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NGO Fontana development 2009 - 2011 -
“Bridging The Gap”

In this Photo Library link we will try to fill in actual photos and texts relating to the future activities, which is planned and as they are occurring around NGO Fontana in general in Vietnam, our further extension of advocacy activities - both in the HCMC area, but also throughout the whole of Vietnam and soon also in Cambodia

New HIV/AIDS branch at HWH

After a lot of effort and hard work NGO Fontana could proudly experience the opening of a HIV/Aids Branch at the Half Way House under the premises of Ho Chi Minh City HIV/Aids Association. The establishment of this HIV/Aids Branch is a significant step for the Half Way House, for NGO Fontana ....

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News and Articles

This is just a small presentation of articles in which NGO Fontana have appeared during our involvement in Vietnam. To read the articles we are referring to the link in the left column called NEWS, in which they will be placed after scanning and translation.

Half Way House training activities

A major part of the Half Way House purpose with regard to the treatment and rehabilitation of addicts is the activities. Part of the activities have vocational and educational characters while other activities are emplemented to meet the social needs and .........

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Visitors from Denmark to LBM Center

We have during the last 2-3 years had many visitors to the Center - also a lot of Danish and European groups and persons have visited the center during the period - and below is a selection of photos from Danish visits....

Sports/Leisure activities at the HWH

A lot of activities within sports and leisure is possible at the Halfway House and is a very popular part of what HWH is offering its inhabitants and daily users. Staff and patients competing regularly in various games and also the families are participating.......

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The new HWH - “A new Beginning”

After a very intensive renovation and building process the new Halfway House was ready for presentation to the public and to welcome its first inhabitants and daily users. This was a magnificent moment for NGO Fontana and LBM Addiction Treatment Center to .................

Patient’s Tours & Excursions

As part of the program different tours, excursions and activities are arranged for the patients in treatment in order to absorb some outside energy in a treatment process. These tours and excursions are very much appreciated by the patients.

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Club 24 and Girls Club - at LBM

To fulfill the needs of self-help groups in the recovery process it was decided under the LBM/NGO Fontana project to establish a local Club 24 & a Girls Club. The purpose of these fora is to have weekly meetings in different groups and to make social arrangements ....

Cleanup and reconstruction of HWH

A major job involving patients, voluntary staff and professionals to be done ................... to turn this site in to a nice HWH......(More text to come).....

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Preparation for Half Way House site

The process of selecting acceptable premisses for HWH was very long and more than 20 different sites was visited, finally an old restaurant/mini hotel was chosen. A lot of smaller buildings and abandoned tools, material and boats from a small shipyard previously...........

Flooding at LBM Center

Although the ground level of the Center during the renovation and rebuilding heightened by 40/45 cm to avoid the weekly flooding during the rainy season. However, in the Binh Minh area at the Saigon Riverside, a major flooding still occurred - the first one ......

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Women’s Union Vietnam visit Hanoi

Already before entering into Vietnam with our own projects NGO fontana have had a very fruitful and pleasant contact to Womens Union. We have paid several visits to their head office in Hanoi as well as we have had many dialogues with their branches .........

Japanese Visit to the LBM Center

Since the Center have been upgraded and the 12-step addiction treatment program has been implemented at LBM Addiction Treatment Center, we have had the pleasure of receiving a lot of visitors - among others a large delegation of Japanese professionals............

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Christmas celebration at LBM Center

Christmas is not really an official feast in Vietnam - and then yet it is more and more common to celebrate the Christmas. So a feast was duly prepared by an arrangement committee and in December 2008 it was celebrated for the patients, their relatives and ..........

New renovated LBM Center

After a hectic, but also very optimistic and enthusiastic period for everyone participating the day came, when the Addiction Treatment Center could open the doors for the public and for the patients to benefit from NGO Fontana’s 12-step addiction treatment ..............

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Vocational train & leisure activities

Also at the LBM Addiction Treatment Center a variety of leisure activities have been offered - and hereby a few photos showing both enthusiasm and points of distinction.

NGO Fontana Center visits

Since the Center have been upgraded and the 12-step addiction treatment program has been implemented, we have had the pleasure of receiving a lot of visitors - furthermore NGO Fontana has also been busy in visiting other addiction centers ........................

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Ngo Fontana project offices Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City

Here is a selection of photos which shortly are a part of the NGO Fontana participation in projects in Vietnam - some milestones during our presence in Vietnam. ........

Renovation & Reorganisation of LBM

When the project-support was granted 1st October 2005 from DANIDA via Projektraadgivningen a modest part of the funds were earmarked for renovation and accommodation of the existing facilities’ suitability to conduct sound and effective12-step program addiction treatment ...........

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Study visit & Partner identification

The feasibility study laid grounds in October 2004 for the NGO Fontana project for capacity- and quality building of this addiction center in Vietnam - financed partly by NGO Fontana own donations and DANIDA-funds via Projektraadgivningen in Denmark.

ScanCom donation of furniture - LBM Addiction Treatment Center

The donation of furnitures made be ScanCom Denmark/Vietnam lifted the quality of the Center a lot and changed the atmosphere to a warmer place to be and has positively had an effect on the overall performance in the NGO Fontana projects.

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NGO Fontana various events

Here we have placed photos of various events - which are not exactly linked to certain activities or certain parts of the different projects. For instance meetings with some partners, which are involved in a criss-crossing manner together with NGO Fontana’s

Club24 activities in Denmark

Craig Nakken visited in Copenhagen and Club24 - there were also time for a personal meeting with Craig Nakken. Club 24 is also participating in the annual Autumn Party, which is arranged together with a patient association.....................

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Malaria project

NGO Fontana has entered into a cooperation with our donors and company members, Domus Medica Vietnam Ltd and EuroCare Denm ark Ltd in Denmark, who have for many years managed some Malaria-projects financed partly by themselves and their project partners and partly by DANIDA - Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Addiction - also a family disease


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Children & Youth

Addiction of any kind is a very burdensome disease to handle for the whole family. Although the children and the youth of a family often on the surface does not seem to have suffered the stigma of the addicted family will be profoundly anchored in the young souls and minds. If these problems are left unattended it might later in their lives cause severe blockings and even longlasting depressions, which are more difficult to treat at the time than it is to diagnose and treat any symptoms simultaneously with the addiction treatment of the addicted person and the adult co-addicted in family treatment.

Addiction and HIV/Aids - different diseases combined treatment

Addiction - HIV/AIDS - Stigma - 12 step treatment - Living Values - Vocational training - complete rehab = less relapse less HIV/AIDS less domestic violence less children abuse

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