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Allan Olsen
Actor, Author
Henrik Rindom
Physician with spec. 
in addictions
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  Michael Falch
Niels "Noller" Olsen
Ole "Bogart" Michelsen
Ole Thestrup
Jacob Haugaard
Comedian, Composer,
Actor and former MP 

Michael Falch
Singer, composer, guitarist, actor, and author Michael has published 11 albums and at the same time participated in a number of TV-series and movies. Michael received the Bodil-award for his performance as the “nameless detective” in the Dan Turèll movie “Murder in the Dark”. Michael has also published 4 books.

Allan Olsen

Actor and author. Allan has participated in more than 20 Danish films, and in 1979 he received the Bodil-award for his performance as Johnny in the movie”Johnny Larsen”. Likewise he was highly recognized for his performance as Spacey in the movie “In the Middle of the Night”, and from the TV-series “The Copper”. In 2006 he published his biography”A different Life”.
Henrik Rindom
Henrik is MD from the University of Aarhus and a specialist in psychiatry. Henrik is one of the most quoted addiction experts in Denmark and widely quoted in newspapers and specialist magazines about addiction. He is a frequent guest in TV debates about addiction. Henrik has published the book “The Biology of Drugs”.
Henrik Thiesen
Henrik is MD from the University of Copenhagen, senior medical officer, and department head of an addiction Project in Copenhagen. 
Over the years he has treated more than 1.500 addicts for either their alcohol or drug addiction. Henrik has served as MD for 2 private addiction treatment centres in Denmark.
Niels ”Noller” Olsen
Singer, composer, guitarist, and author. Already in 1965 he and his brother performed at a concert with “The Kinks”. Subsequently followed a number of albums and concerts in Denmark and abroad. So far the culmination of “Noller’s” career was probably the International Grand Prix winning song”Fly on the Wings of Love”.  

Ole Michelsen
Ole is a cultural journalist and author. For many years he hosted the filmprogram”Bogart” featured by The Danish Television. He also participated in the Cultural Committee for Films which was established by The Danish Ministry of Culture.
Ole spent many years in France and was assistant film director for the film director Jean-Pierre Melville. At the same time he worked as a freelance journalist for The Danish Broadcasting as well as for a number of Danish newspapers.
Back in Denmark, he was appointed cultural journalist for The Danish Broadcasting.
During the last few years, he has focused on writing books about alcoholism and the way out of dependency.
Ole is a very sought-after lecturer on the subject of chemical dependency.

Ole Thestrup
Actor trained at the Acting School in Aarhus, subsequently working at Aarhus Theatre and later employed by the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen.
Ole has participated in numerous revues as well as many acting parts at a number of Danish theatres.

Furthermore, Ole has been acting in more than 20 Danish movies.

Jacob Haugaard
Comedian, composer, actor and former member of The Danish Parliament.

Jacob has worked in a variety of jobs.

Today, he is a comedian, writer, composer, and musician.

During the ’80 he received nation-wide fame together with another Danish comedian - Finn Norbygaard – through a number of shows on Danish Television.

Jacob has made many TV programs and participated in several Danish movies.